Guide: atolla USB 3.0 ETHERNET HUB (CH-301)

atolla 3-PORT USB AND ETHERNET HUB (CH-301) is a 3-Ports SuperSpeed USB 3.0 HUB integrated with 1 Gigabit Ethernet Network Adapter. With a compact, unibody design, this hub is highly travel-friendly. It is compatible with most major OS and plug & play, easy to use, ideal for home and office use.

Get Started

  1. Connect the USB 3.0 Input Port to the USB port on your tablet, Laptop or computer. Upon connection, the Blue LED Indicator on the unit will illuminate to show the unit is connected and receiving power.
  2. Connect a network RJ-45 plug to the Ethernet Port.
  3. Once connection set up successfully, the Amber Indicator blinks while the Green Indicator stays on.
  4. Connect USB devices to the available USB 3.0 Output Ports on the front panel.

Install driver automatically

The NIC driver has been integrated into the product. So when the atolla Hub is connected to the computer, the driver will be installed automatically.

**For Windows 8 or above,  the OS may enumerate the Hub as “USB Storage Device” and prompted to install a driver, please select “Run RTK_NIC_DRIVER_INSTALLER.sfx.exe ” manually.


If it warns about compatibility, please click cancel.


Install driver manually:

If you want to install the driver manually, download and install the driver from below:

Download Drivers

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