Best 4-Port USB Hub to get connected and juiced up?

USB hubs are a great solution if you have a bunch of USB devices fighting to get access to the single USB port on your new laptop. Even better is nowadays USB hubs work in a similar manner to a power strip, so you can recharge your USB devices, such as smartphones, tablets, all in one hub. Read on to see which are the best USB hub suit to your need.

Best value: atolla 4-port hub (204)

This stylish USB Hub is one of the best-loved and classic atolla hubs on the market. Pay a bit more to pair it with the atolla power adapter, this hub is ideal for transferring data, recharging and managing your USB devices on the desk.
One of the most praised features is the individual switch. All four USB 3.0 ports are equipped with illuminated on/off switches, which provide easy control if you are only using a few of them.The red port on the end is dedicated for smart charging, suitable for iPhone, iPad, and others.

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Best Budget: atolla Ultra-thin USB 3.0 Hub (103)

If you just want a few more USB ports for your laptop on your journey, this slim and stylish device will do the job without costing you too much money. It expands you 4 more USB ports with speeds up to 5Gbps. It is small but capable of adding one power adapter to handle more than one power-hungry device.

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Best Combo: atolla USB Hub with Gigabit Ethernet Port (301)

Bought your new Ultra compact laptop or MacBook, but only to find that you are running out of USB ports or don’t have a network socket? This versatile USB hub with a Gigabit Ethernet port comes to your rescue. Enjoy blazing fast access to USB 3.0 drives as well as keyboard, mouse and more, you also get full gigabit access to your router.

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Editor’s Pick: atolla Aluminium USB 3.0 Hub (D2)

This newly released atolla 4-ports USB 3.0 Hub is the best to end the choosing. With enhanced features, such as an aluminium case with rubber feet, detachable USB cable for portability, this hub still keeps the great individual switch. It also solves the overlapping problem of the LED indicators light. It costs a bit more than the 204 version, but this extra cost is returned in quality and aesthetics.

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Conclusion & reminder: apparently, these hubs served different purposes and different situations.But don’t forget to purchase the power adapter to power up the hub, otherwise, it may cause hassles in heavy use.

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